About Steve and Sue - Testimonials

"Steve and Sue are both practitioners of pastoral care and also enablers of others by equipping them to care for others. I experienced both their love and care personally and our church was privileged to have them conduct a Pastoral Skills Course." - Margery Perschky (former Coordinator of Pastoral Care, City Community Church, Exeter)


"The Healing day has helped me to rebuild my trust in God and know His love for me" - Anon


"Over the years I had been completely turned off by "christian counselling" I found it formulaic and trite. But I found Steve and Sue refreshing, Spirit led and humble. The sessions we had really helped me start to deal with the grief of my brother and some other relationship failures. Steve and Sue really do care for people and seek to serve God and His people. I can whole heartedly recommend them." - Ed, Exeter Devon


"I thought 'emotional' healing was for weak, attention seeking people. Now I realise how complex and important it is for our spiritual well-being." - Susan, after attending a healing day

"Steve and Sue are people with a fantastic heart and a wealth of experience. They are able to provide quality prayer ministry training and willingly work to tailor what they provide to your needs. Their input into prayer ministry at Light and Life has been a great blessing and I would highly recommend them to every church." - Pete Godfrey (Pastor of Light & Life Church St Austell)

About the Training Days

"It was a chance to look at some issues in a non-threatening way." - Anon


"The day helped me to put it all behind and receive His forgiveness and His parental love." - Anon


"Thank you for some really helpful points shared, especially about resolving conflict. You carry a real healing anointing and He ministers as you speak and minister. God reminded me that He doesn't just love me because that's what He does but that He likes me too. I am acceptable to Him." - Bry, Exeter, Devon


The ministry in prayer was really good. God showed me a new angle on an old, ingrained issue I've been trying to move on from for ages." - Angie