By S Waller, Jun 5 2018 08:46AM

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By S Waller, Jan 29 2018 04:17PM

The Lord has been showing many of us about the need to develop Unoffendable Hearts. Then to maintain that softness often despite the knocks and bruises that life and relationships so often sadly bring. He never promised us a trouble free life but He did promise to be with us through it and He is delighted with every time we turn to him, often in our pain, to receive His strength, His healing and His Grace to continue to respond with a generous heart.

By S Waller, Oct 13 2017 10:35AM

The new programme of Emmaus Road Ministry events will include PERSONAL RETREATS. These start on December 7th with a day at Weycroft Hall that will include times for reflection and receiving, and two individual one and a half hour sessions of prayer ministry for each person that attends. These are designed for you to take time out and get away from normal life and to have a special day with Jesus. A day to process, find healing, leave some things behind and enter more fully into the abundant life He has for you. We trust these retreats will be a real source of encouragement, healing and strengthening. These will be for a small number each time, and we intend to run a number of these each year.

By S Waller, Jun 3 2017 10:27AM

Emmaus Road Ministries moved back to Devon in May. At the very kind invitation of Vince & Clio we have moved to Weycroft Hall on the edge of Axminster and rent the lovely Lodge house in the beautiful grounds. We have begun to take personal appointments. In due course we will start new Emmaus Road Events. (See Events page for more)

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