By S Waller, Nov 17 2016 12:19PM

Our new programme in Cornwall kicks off in 2017 as follows:-

Jan 21 Healing our relationships - Rejection and Acceptance.

This will cover relationships with parents, children, friends, colleagues and all those who we may struggle to relate to easily, looking at the roots of our relational difficulties.

Mar 18 The 'Mum' factor - Identifying and Healing damaged emotions.

We will be uncovering the areas in our lives where our mothers were unable to sufficiently nurture us and learning how the Lord can heal and re-nurture us towards full health.

May 20 Knowing God as Father - Receiving His love and Affirmation

a day to remove distorted images received from our fathers and to explore the depth and beadth of our heavenly Father's wonderful character and love.

By S Waller, Oct 6 2016 07:20AM

As many of you will know we have been praying for some time for a place where we can be based in the South West where we can put on a variety of events. The Lord has very graciously provided a place in Cornwall just outside St Austell. So over the summer, despite various delays, we have now relocated here.

We will gradually work up the minitsry, organising our new home, making contact with local christians, starting to see people for personal appointments and then programming training events. We plan to post these later in the year. Thanks to all of you who have, and are, supporting us and praying for us. God bless, Steve & Sue.

By S Waller, May 14 2015 03:11PM

On July 18th we will look at the role of deliverance in healing. What does the bible teach about healing; does deliverance have a role in how God heals? This day will look at how we can avoid extremes whilst benefitting from the ministry of the Holy Spirit in His fulness. It will look at more of the keys to physical and emotional healing and how they are all often inter-related with the spiritual.

By S Waller, Mar 11 2015 08:40AM

At some point in life we all suffer loss, grief and pain. On May 9th we will be looking at how we can orientate ourselves when these strike us and how we can find Jesus in our pain and know His love and hope. Perhaps He has done this most profoundly in choosing be be one of us and coming to live with us among the pain and corruption of this world. He still walks with us - "Lo, I am with you always".

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